ParkNow LongTerm

Parking and charging in one spot -
reserved and waiting for you.

ParkNow LongTerm is designed specifically for BMW i owners who lack access to residential or workplace parking and charging options.

Whether for all day parking, parking overnight or just during working hours, our partner garages offer parking spaces equipped with charging stations, on a long-term basis. ParkNow LongTerm will recommend an appropriate facility from a broad partner network, based on the preferences of the BMW i customer, to make parking and charging a breeze.

With your parking and charging needs covered, getting behind the wheel means driving electric can continue, uninterrupted.

ParkNow LongTerm will be available in select markets together with the launch of the BMW i3. Contact your local BMW i Center to get started.

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About Us

Provided by ParkNow LLC, ParkNow LongTerm is an intelligent Parking Solution from BMW i.
BMW i offers comprehensive and ground-breaking concepts for sustainable mobility.

BMW i encompasses visionary electric vehicles and a wide range of complementary products and services that facilitate electric mobility.

ParkNow LLC has one goal: to revolutionize the parking industry by making parking fun, easy and hassle-free.

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How it works

Step 1.

Contact your BMW i Center to get started with ParkNow LongTerm.

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Step 2.

Fill out a brief survey to help us learn more about your parking preferences.
ParkNow LongTerm will provide tailored parking and charging recommendations to you within a few days.

Step 3.

Select your favorite option.
You can now enjoy parking and charging in one spot, reserved and waiting for you.

For further information on ParkNow LongTerm, please contact our customer service.
855 - PARK - 123